PNW dweller // Mom of B/G twins // Vintage shop owner since 2006

 Hello, I’m Kim. Mother of b/g twins, Stormy Jay and Everly Primrose (you can read more about them here), they melt my heart every day and are my constant reminder of what’s important in life. I have owned and operated an online vintage shop, Viral Threads, since 2006. This blog was created as an outlet to showcase sneak peeks of what’s coming up in the shop, what’s currently inspiring me and ootd’s combining Viral Threads vintage and modern pieces alike. I am also a gluten free pastry chef (although I’ve recently gone paleo due to some autoimmune issues), aspiring photographer, and a fashion obsessed gal who loves to design and create just about anything. I reside in the beautiful Washington state with my amazing husband Justin. We met in the 8th grade, became friends, and fell in love somewhere along the way, he truly is the man of my dreams. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

A Few Facts About Me….

  1. I’m a total foodie with a Culinary Arts degree from the CCA

  2. I’m a complete health nut and stick to a gluten free/dairy free diet, but can’t say no to chewy candy

  3. I love travel and once dreamed of selling all of my things and going WOOFING

  4. I love miniature versions of things and once stole a pickle from the supermarket just so Ken could bring home a “watermelon” for Barbie

  5. When it comes to coffee, I’m the stereotypical Seattleite, I just can’t live without it!

  6. I can’t wait until my daughter Everly is old enough to play dolls, that way I’ll have a good excuse to buy that Monster High doll I’ve been secretly wanting. (Why weren’t those around when I was 7?)

  7. I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina and perform in the Nutcracker as the Jack in the Box

  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal

  9. I’m a perfectionist, and somewhat indecisive because of this

  10. I have an unusual obsession with baby clothes that look like adult clothes. See #4.

  11. I love all things vintage and salvaged, this love has lead to my two online shops, Viral Threads & A Wee Little Me.

  12. One of my biggest goals is to become debt free

  13. My husband and I dream of one day living on a large ranch, complete with a veggie garden, animals of all sorts, an old barn, and a “back yard” stream river of course;)

  14. I was homeschooled through 4th grade

  15. I’m deathly afraid of spiders